Foreign exchange, which is regulated by the Bank of Thailand, has been considerably relaxed since 1990. At present, certain transactions in the Baht and foreign currency can be performed virtually without restriction, and only a few require approval from the Bank of Thailand.
 What are the restrictions on importation and repatriation of  funds?
Foreign currency such as investment funds, offshore loans, etc., can be imported freely. However, such foreign currency must be sold or exchanged into Thai Baht, or deposited in a foreign currency account with an authorized bank within 7days from the date of receipt or entry into the country.

As for any transaction involving the sale, exchange or deposit of such foreign currency in an amount exceeding US$ 5,000 or its equivalent and the submission of an application form F.T. 3 and F.T. 4 to an authorized bank is required.

After settlements of all applicable taxes, repatriation of investment funds, dividends and profits, loan repayments and interest payments thereon may be made freely.